Searching for Bubnowskis and Czosnykowskis

Where are the relatives?

This page is dedicated to the Bubnowski and Czosnykowski families, who originated in Bialy Kamien, near Lwow, in Austria-Hungary. Are you a Bubnowski or Czosnykowski or related to one? Are you looking to share genealogical information, photos, etc.? Then this is the place.

Surnames I am researching from Bialy Kamien:

  • Bubnowski
  • Czosnykowski
  • Kurytkiewicz
  • Boniszyn
  • Goral/Gural
  • Wiercinski
  • Konasiewicz/Kunasiewicz
  • Schmutz/Szmuc
  • Czajkowski
  • Dudkiewicz
  • Kuczynski
  • Dziubak

Below: Meet Julia Czosnykowska and Stanislaw Bubnowski!

Julia and Stanislaw Bubnowski


7 thoughts on “Searching for Bubnowskis and Czosnykowskis”

  1. I like this page:) I live in Poland. I’m also search my ancestors from Galicia. The surname I am searching is Czosnykowski. My maiden name is Czosnykowska.

    • Do you know where your family came from? Although my family comes from Bialy Kamien, I have heard of some Czosnykowskis who lived in Lwow. Some of those people went to Chicago before the wars.

  2. It’s beginning of my search. My great grandfather was born in Knihinin (Stanisławów). Nowadays some Czosnykowskis live in Poland. I know that they come from Galicia too. The roots are common certainly.

  3. Hello my last name is Boniszyn and I think I am the only one.. Maybe my ancestors come from this place 🙂

    • The only thing I know is that my grand father is born at Pochapy a little village in Ukraine in the region of Galicia before he emigrated.

      • Yes, Lv, Pochapy (or Poczapy) is right next door to Bialy Kamien,Rozwaz and the village called Boniszyn! I do know that in a family of girls there was at least one boy born to Theodor Boniszyn you might be descended from. I will do more checking of my files and get back to you! I think there might be a few other Boniszyns in the world, but very few.

      • I just posted the following to my blog: In response to LV who is researching the Boniszyn I am enclosing information of the Boniszyn family of Rozwaz and Poczapy. I believe LV may well be descended from Adalbert Boniszyn as he is the only son in the family of seven children. I hope that by searching the microfilms for Bialy Kamien LV will be able to make the connection he needs!

        Theodor Boniszyn was born in 1812 in Rozwaz. He marries Agnes Schmutz and together they had one son and six daughters. The son Adalbert (also known as Wojciech) was born in Rozwaz April 4, 1839. He married Victoria Niedzielska and had at least two children, Carolus and Catharina (born 1897 in Poczapy).

        Lv, if you are a descendant of Carolus, we are related!

        I tried to send a chart for the Boniszyns but the typeface refused to enlarge enough to be readable. I still have a lot to learn about online genealogy!

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