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I have felt both exhilarated and defeated by the online Greek Catholic church records for Bialy Kamien and its surrounding villages I can access at my Local Family History Center. For now, I am just concentrating on 1901-1910 and  it is a hard slog in an unexpected way.

Good handwriting? check

Quality of information? check

Ability to  find new relatives? check

But there are so many people with my surnames that it is taking me a couple of hours to just make it through a year and a half’s worth of records at a stretch. I wonder how many evenings it will take to complete just this section before I begin to work on the 19th century. I also am getting concerned comments from the person I live with who may be questioning my sanity after glancing at my color coded spreadsheet.

So far I can divide all these people in 4 groups:

1. Direct ancestors.

2. Those related directly to them, such as siblings.

3. Those who are directly related to group Number 2.

4. People with my surnames who must be related to me somehow, but who for now are mystery relatives.

Considering that years ago I thought I had plenty of people pegged from the Roman Catholic microfilms, it has been an eye-opening experience. As aforementioned PILW says, “So many Bialy Kamieners!”