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At the end of the post is the second part of the list of names of emigrants from Poczapy I have found on the Hamburg passenger lists. For more information please visit ancestry.com.

I have been playing with the Greek Catholic duplicate records that can be viewed online at any Family History Center, and have discovered a few more people to add to my tree.  I was happy to discover that there are entries for Roman Catholic records alongside those of the Greek Catholic church at Bialy Kamien!  If an individual is Roman Catholic that is noted on the register, and I have found events here that I also had found previously in the Roman Catholic records.

I would recommend having a go at these records that are digital versions of the microfilmed records. I find them a bit easier on the eyes. The records from the archives in Lviv have restrictions so that they cannot be emailed or saved; however, with a simple camera/phone  you can get an acceptable image of the screen. I am still relying on the old fashioned method of note taking for the most part. Dealing with  the early 20th century has been a nice break from the older long form records

Departed 30 Jan 1907: Teodor Kapitaniec, Marcin Klak, Daniel Kwas

Departed 8 Jun 1912: Wasyl Kostyk

Departed 17 Sep 1910 Antoni Krogulski

Departed 15 May 1913: Marya Kuzma

Departed 9 Oct 1910: Danylo Kwas

Departed 30 Apr 1904: Prokop Kwas, Onufry Szabatura

Departed 16 May 1907: Ewka Kwas

Departed 11 Oct 1905: Terenko Kwas

Departed 25 Nov 1909: Zofia Kwasnica

Departed 3 Jul 1913: Anna Lachman, Aftanazy Nogacz, Danylo Pyndyk, Fedko Szurko

Departed 30 Mar 1911: Petro Lachowicz, Mieczyslaw Obremski

Departed 27 Nov 1912: Maria Mericz

Departed 30 Mar 1907: Franciszek Mizialek, Pawlo Szabatura, Wladysl. Szabatura

Departed 1 Sep 1910: Bazyli Myrosz, Daniel Pyndyk

Departed 29 Mar 1907: Kata. Niedzwiecka

Departed 7 Aug 1913: Tekla Oriszczin, Wladimir Oriszczin

Departed 4 Sep 1913: Onufryj Pawlyszyn

Departed 9 Oct 1913: Kaska Poczapska, Wasyl Pydyk

Departed 23 Jan 1913: Piotr Poczapski, Anna Pyndyk, Pawel Smolinski

Departed 16 Feb 1907: Teodor Poczapski

Departed 16 Dec 1904: Jan Puszkow

Departed 25 May 1913: Kosc Pyndik

Departed 20 Dec 1908: Konstanty Pyndyk

Departed 8 Jun 1907: Bazyli Pyndyk

Departed 30 Sep 1909: Jewka Pyndyk

Departed 5 Feb 1910: Mikolaj Smolinski

Departed 2 Mar 1911: Mikolaj Smolinski, Anna Smolinski

Departed 6 Feb 1909: Jan Sydor

Departed 8 Jun 1913: Wladzimierz Szabatura

Departed 12 Feb 1910: Johann Szabatura

Departed 25 Apr 1909: Anna Szewczuk

Departed 29 Nov 1906: Mikolaj Szura

Departed 21 Mar 1903: Kazim Teminski, Pazia Teminski

Departed 1 Jul 1909: Kasia Wozniakywicz

Departed 5 Jun 1913: Taube Wurzel

Departed 28 Nov 1907: Jan Zacharczuk

Departed 30 Apr 1910: Safat Zawalij