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In response to LV who is researching the Boniszyn family I am enclosing information of the Boniszyn family of Rozwaz and Poczapy. I believe LV may well be descended from Adalbert Boniszyn as he is the only son in the family of seven children. I hope that by searching the microfilms for Bialy Kamien LV will be able to make the connection he needs!

Theodor Boniszyn was born in 1812 in Rozwaz. He marries Agnes Schmutz and together they had one son and six daughters. The son Adalbert (also known as Wojciech) was born in Rozwaz April 4, 1839. He married Victoria Niedzielska and had at least two children, Carolus and Catharina (born 1897 in Poczapy).

Lv, if you are a descendant of Carolus, we are related!